Legos and Furniture…

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

My daughter, Sammy, made an interesting statement today. She said that building Lego kits as a child prepared her for putting furniture together as an adult. Interesting…

You see, I bought Sammy and her boyfriend, Martin, a dresser for their apartment for Christmas. She instantly started to put it together. It took quite a while, but she followed the instructions step by step until she completed her project.

I recall Sammy and my son, Ethan, putting together Lego kits for hours at a time. They examined the instructions and followed them to the letter, separating out the Lego pieces and forming them into smaller parts that put together became a whole. They built Star Wars spaceships, Harry Potter scenes at Hogwarts, and many adventure sets.

At the time, it didn’t occur to me that these skills they were developing while building these kits would transfer to everyday life. They learned how to read and follow directions, how to organize objects, developed spatial sense, reasoning, and problem-solving skills. And they had fun! All from Lego kits. Those are my new favorite gift for kids. Have you built anything with Legos lately?

Stay groovy…


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