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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Ahhhh…Halloween! I remember it well from my childhood. You see, Halloween was very different when I was a kid.

Back in the day, we didn’t buy costumes, and we came up with them on our own. It was always easy to create a pirate, gypsy, ghost, or vampire costume without having to make a trip to the store. We loved raiding Mom and Dad’s closets for accessories to complete our spooky look. Once adorned, we would set out for fun with our friends.

We didn’t even go out trick or treating until it was dark, and we went everywhere! We weren’t limited to staying in our own neighborhood, and adults didn’t need to accompany us. We felt safe exploring new areas and were comfortable accepting homemade treats: candied or caramel apples, Rice Krispies treats, brownies, or cookies…Some residences had hot apple cider waiting and makeshift haunted houses. It was safe to go in and hear the scary music and squeals from our friends. We stayed out late and felt free to sample some of our goodies before reaching home. When the evening ended we were exhausted but full of stories to share.

I know kids today enjoy Halloween, but there was something extra special about the event before times changed and everyone had to be so cautious. I’m not recommending that kids do Halloween the way we did. Those days of total freedom on October 31st are long gone. It’s fun to reflect back on it though…

Happy Halloween, and be safe out there!


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)


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