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Now you may be wondering why I would be writing about carpet. It’s not so much about what it is, but where it was…In our house in Indiana, we had carpet in the kitchen. Now perhaps I’ve led a sheltered life, but I don’t know of any other house that had carpet in the kitchen. Linoleum, tile, or maybe wood, but not carpet.

It was easier to just have to vacuum the surface rather than sweep and mop, but what about spills? When I consulted with Mom on this one, she said that the carpet was like the professional grade, tightly woven carpet you might find in an office building. It was therefore ideal for the high traffic and spills that were common in a kitchen.

But I still wonder about it. If that carpet was pulled up years later, would a lifetime of stains be visible on the underside? Perhaps I should contact the current owners to see how it held up…


Stay groovy…


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