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So I figured I’d keep going with the breakfast theme from the past few days…

Growing up, cereal was a staple for breakfast. In the 70’s, the sugary cereals were starting to come out. Let’s face it…They were fun! So we had a policy that we could eat the sugary cereals on the weekend. We referred to those as “good” cereals. On the other end, the non-sweetened cereals were deemed “bad” cereals and were eaten during the week.

Now we were a cleaver group of kids. I’m not sure who thought of it (perhaps Steve), but there came to be a thing we called “sprinkles”. We would take the unsweetened cereals and add a handful of the sweetened kind to the top of our bowl. A bowl of Rice Krispies was far more tasty with a bit of Corn Pops (called Sugar Pops back in the day) floating over it.

Well it just gets better from there. You see, Steve and Tammy were up earlier than all of us during the week, and they took sprinkles to a whole new level. They would take a box of maybe Froot Loops and open it from the bottom, so we were unaware the cereal was in use. They would then increase their quantity of sprinkles and the contents of the box would disappear before any of us were the wiser. When the four younger siblings discovered this trickery, a virtual scandal ensued.

Ahhh…Breakfast shenanigans…


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)

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