The Dodge Dart…

dodge dart

So if you were lucky, you had the use of a car in high school. If you were really lucky, you got to drive to school each day and out on weekends.

We had a Dodge Dart. It was originally purchased when we lived in Indiana as Dad’s car. For it’s time, it was fancy. Dad eventually traded up, and the Dodge Dart became the mode of transportation for Steve, Tammy, John, and me at one time or another. It was a simple system. Whoever was a licensed driver drove the other siblings to high school and about. If we had two drivers, it was up for grabs. The Dart was then handed down from driver to driver.

I fondly remember my time with our Dodge Dart. It was wonderful to experience the independence that the open road offered. Sure, it was an old car, but I didn’t care. It didn’t matter that the Dart had no air conditioning and required additional power steering fluid every other day. Helping out my friends by giving them rides home after track practice or meeting the gang at the arcade on a Saturday night was made easier with my own transport. Not having the rely on others for rides was a gift.

So a shout out to Dad and Mom for providing us with not only a reliable vehicle during our high school years but also the sense of autonomy that came along with it. And to others out there: What did you drive in high school?


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)




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