Board Games…

photo of water drops on window
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So as Tropical Storm Nestor pounds our neighborhood, I find myself remembering the storms of my childhood. That was long before technology had become a part of our daily lives, so a strong storm meant one thing: board games.

Do you remember sitting on the family room floor playing a fierce game of Monopoly or Risk? Those were two of my favorite rainy day games as you could play them for most of the day, and have fun while staying dry.

We didn’t have video games or Netflix, so we were content to play Life or Clue for hours even if the power was out. There was no complaining that there was nothing to do. We had games!

It was particularly fun in my family because we had six kids, so we didn’t even need friends to come over to enjoy the day. But if they did come by, the more the merrier!

What are you doing if you are feeling the effects of this storm? Go into your closet and get out a board game…


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)

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