The Price of Milk…

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So Stef came home from the market appalled.

“Do you know that I can buy almost two gallons of gasoline for the price of a gallon of milk?”

Hard to believe, yet it’s true. Stef paid $2.38 a gallon for gas this morning and $4.05 for a gallon of milk. The price of gas is currently going down with the price of milk skyrocketing.

I did a little research and discovered that we’re just looking at good old supply and demand for both. Apparently fewer cows are making milk to meet the demand. The cost of feed went up last year, and farmers cut back on their cows. Any increase in milk price may have a ripple effect on the price of other dairy products, so expect to pay more for those as well.

The $2.38 per gallon for gas is just the beginning. It’s predicted that in some parts of the country people may soon be paying less that $2 per gallon. Two of the many reasons is that U.S. production of oil is booming and refineries are back up to speed after many problems last year.

Stef cracked me up before I had some answers. His theory: The cows went on strike.


Stay groovy…


(Copryight 2019 Susie Krivacic)

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