The World of South Park…

South ParkSo my son, Ethan, has successfully done it. He has turned me on to South Park. I must confess, that show makes me laugh out loud every time I watch an episode. But my love for it also raises a couple of questions…

  • How do they get away with it?

In the current PC climate of America, how does a program like this stay in the lineup? I think it has to be because Trey Parker and Matt Stone are equal opportunity offenders. I am not kidding, they offend everyone! There is not a group protected from their attacks. I think this indiscriminate attitude somehow keeps them from the proverbial ax.

  • How many times are they called to the principal’s office?

If you are a teacher, could you imagine having one of their children in your class? The statements that must come out of their mouths…I believe it was Trey Parker’s daughter who was taped saying a line for South Park: “Daddy called you a pussy!”

When my youngest brother, Todd, (by the way, not so young now as he’s 48) was in kindergarten he had teenage siblings. One day in music class, as the teacher was instructing the students to sing “How much is that doggie in the window?” Todd spoke up and said, “Enough of this shit. Let’s have some Eagles!” Yes, mom was called to the principal’s office…

Whether you like South Park or abhor it, what are your thoughts on my two questions? And do you have some questions of your own?


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)

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