The beauty within…


makeup palette
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So sending a shout out to my amazing daughter Samantha Vick for her creative abilities. Not only is she an incredible writer, but she is a trained and gifted makeup artist.

Sammy is a member of the gigging economy. One thing we must keep in mind about our millennials is that they are multitalented, and not given to begin tied down to only one skill or income stream. Sammy has the potential for that.

I had the pleasure of joining Sammy on a recent job. She was helping a beautiful friend of ours to find a new look to match her healthier lifestyle. What I adore is that Sammy has the ability to take the beauty from within and bring it to the surface. She chooses colors that have a natural feel, yet highlights one area, such as the lips, with a pop of distinctive color. The result was lovely, and our friend’s husband noted that she looked younger. Now we ladies are always happy with that kind of compliment.

I look forward to seeing where Sammy’s diverse skills will take her. Keep on the lookout as you’ll be seeing her…


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)


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