The Roadmap…

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Photo by Lorenzo Cafaro on

As I passed an elderly woman,

I knew I had lost my way.

I was in a foreign city

feeling confusion and panic that day.

The older lady held the secret

to know the lay of the land.

She must have been in her mid-eighties

with beauty and knowledge as old as the sand.

Years of loyalty to one zone or town

gives infinite knowledge of the space.

The sags and wrinkles she proudly wears

serve as a guide from place to place.

As we sat and chatted she shared many stories,

the awe in her voice made me stare.

She offered a plethora of information

no GPS or map could share.

As our conversation came to a close,

I gave her a gentle touch.

I was no longer concerned with being lost,

for her roadmap offered so much.

Stay groovy,


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)

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