Life in the -ish…

two smiling women sitting on wooden bench
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Some people are sticklers for time.

Others of us prefer to chill.

If you find you’re never in a hurry,

you just may be living life in the -ish.


You see, when my friends and I make plans

to meet for a meal or a drink,

and we are coordinating the meetup we say,

“How about 11:00ish?”


It may mean 10:55, 11:05, 11:15,

11:30 or even 11:45.

It’s not about the arrival time

but about how we spend the time – together.


If someone runs “late”, it’s not a concern.

We just order a drink and bask in our surroundings.

And when they arrive, we are happy

and pick up from where we left off previously.


Living life in the -ish is a great place to be

the stress is low, the joy is high.

Just try it once, and you might like

living life in the -ish.


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)


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