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This was a little something I wrote after seeing a stressed out child on a shopping trip with his mother…Have you observed a scene such as this?



He stands in a crowded corridor.

He’s no more than four years old.

The mall: grand, colorful, enormous…

He can only see the knees of those around him.

Tears stream down his face.

People blindly mill past him.

They’re ignorant of his obvious stress and sense of confusion.

Some even bump past him, creating an uncomfortable jostle.



The tears in his eyes grow stronger.

He wonders, “Will she ever find me?”

Just as hope fades, he feels a strong tug at his arm.

The firm hand practically yanks his shoulder from its socket.

“Where have you been?” inquired the stern voice.

“I’ve been looking all over for you!”

It’s impossible for him to keep up as he’s dragged through the crowded department store.

“If you get away from me again, I’ll tan your hide!” she hissed sharply.



It’s the single word in the English language he most abhors.

Just then his fingers slip out of his mother’s grasp as she reaches for a product on her list.

Tan your hide…

It’s the single phrase in the English language that makes him shudder.


Something to think about…

Stay groovy…


Copyright Susie Krivacic 2018



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