Life’s a beach…

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A recent survey revealed that “Sand is thicker than blood: Summer travelers prefer beach over family…”

For your summer excursions, ”…you might be starting to plan that big trip to visit the folks or other family. Unless, that is, you’re like many travelers and you’re planning on hitting the beach instead. That’s among the findings of the 2012 Flip Flop Report, a global survey sponsored by… When asked if they could take only one holiday, 33 percent of respondents said they’d prefer the beach vs. 10 percent who said they’d want to visit family or relatives.”

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Well my family has discovered a wonderful way to have the best of both worlds. For a long weekend each summer, the 37 of us gather at the Hilton Melbourne Beach ( for some family fun in the sun.

When we were all young, gathering was far easier. My parents had what we call the original six kids. Over the years, we have all become adults, married, had children, and now our children are having children. The group has grown larger every year. We’re scattered not only throughout Florida, but in Georgia, Washington DC, and New York.

We try to meet up during the holidays, but often some or many can’t make it. Therefore the Family Reunion has become our touchstone. The date is set far in advance and we visit the same Hilton each year. My sister, Tammy, makes the magic happen.

So each summer we gather at the beach, boogie board, build sand castles, fish, enjoy delicious cuisine, imbibe in “adult beverages” (only for those over 21), visit, talk, and laugh…oh we do laugh!! We catch up on the events of our lives whether major or minor, enjoy our photos in matching shirts, and bask in the joy of family. And one of my favorite moments is when we receive our memory book from the previous reunion. It’s a beautiful chronology of our lives.

So if you’re debating over whether to visit family or go to the beach this summer, I say do both. Time flies; we don’t know how long we have. So make the calls, make the reservations, and make the memories.

Stay Groovy…





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