Scars and Wrinkles…

Photo by Nashua Volquez-Young on

So, I recently had a skin cancer spot removed from my face. As I looked at the nine stitches that ran down my cheek, I momentarily had a worry. Would it leave a scar? The stitches were removed today, and it doesn’t look too bad. I had a sigh of relief, but then I got to thinking about scars and wrinkles. Yes, those dreaded occurrences that are a natural part of the aging process.

You see, our scars and wrinkles are akin to a roadmap of our life. Each scar has a story. Each wrinkle is an indication of a life well lived. Take those little crinkles around your eyes and at the sides of your cheeks. They show that you have done plenty of smiling in your life. And those forehead lines…They indicate that you’ve had a life full of surprises. I find myself setting my vanity aside and recognizing that I have earned every scar and every wrinkle. Yes, it means you are aging, but it also screams that you have had an exciting life so far, and you are full of wisdom.

So when you look in the mirror, don’t fret about scars and wrinkles. Wear them with pride. Skip the Botox and fillers and embrace your aging. Do it with grace and joy!

Stay groovy…


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