The Christmas Carolers…

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Do you remember Christmas carolers? In my youth, they were a big thing around the holidays. People would gather together with sheet music and knock-on doors to serenade their neighbors. Six years ago, I was delighted to have a group of ten carolers from the local high school stop by to share some Christmas joy. They have not been back since, but I hope to have more come by someday.

I was reminded of carolers while decorating for Christmas. I opened a box of decorations and found a set of four ceramic carolers complete with a tree and dog. My mother had made them back in 1958, sixty-four years ago. Imagine that. They’ve sat on someone’s table during the holiday season for all of those years.

Do you have something that someone you love made for the holidays that you put out each year? Share the joy in the comments section.

Stay groovy…


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