Family Reunion…

Photo by Craig Adderley on

One of my favorite times of year is when we have our annual family reunion. I come from a very large family, so with siblings, spouses, children and grandchildren, we have quite the crowd. We are spread throughout the country, so we don’t always have the opportunity to gather during the year. But we can always count on one weekend in the summer to meet up and catch up…

We come together each year at the Hilton in Melbourne Beach, Florida. Between the beach, the pool, the tiki bar, the hospitality suite, and family dinners, we have plenty of places to visit with each other. We talk about what is going on in our life now and reminisce about the past. And we laugh…oh how we laugh…

I recommend a family reunion no matter how large or small your group is. Life is short, and these opportunities to connect are so valuable…And a shout out to my sister, Tammy, who plans our reunion each year!!

Stay groovy…


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