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So, we went to lunch yesterday at a lovely pub known as The Brass Tap in Waterford Lakes, Orlando. It specializes in craft beer, but also carries a decent selection of wine including a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. (My personal favorite type of wine.) Stef enjoyed a couple of recommended beer choices. Then why, you may wonder, do I call this blog “Cheese”? Well, that was the theme of our meal…

We are fans of cheese curds, and if they appear on the menu, we give them a try. These cheese curds may go down as the best we’ve ever had. Excellent mozzarella flavor and not too much breading. And you could just taste that they use clean oil, a priority for good curds. The happy hour special was a cheese flat bread, so we thought, “Why not?” Five savory cheeses on a fresh flat bread. Yum! I liken this meal to a makeshift sort of cheese board. And I love a good cheese board.

So, if you’re in the Waterford Lakes area, check out The Brass Tap. You won’t be disappointed…

Stay groovy…


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