Giving Up the Soda…

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So, if anyone had told me it would be super easy to give up my Diet Dr. Pepper habit, I would have quit a long time ago. Or would I have?

You see, getting off of it this time was not too difficult at all, much to my surprise. Before when I would try to give up soda, I literally had flu-like symptoms. Major headache, chills…classic withdrawal. But this time, just about nothing happened. I took a preventative Ibuprofen in the afternoon for the first couple of days, and that’s about it.

Why was it so easy to give up my addiction this time? It’s not that complicated: I think it was simply time for me to give it up. My body no longer wanted those soda chemicals and caffeine. My body craved water. So, I gave in to what my body told me to do. And therefore, I had a relatively symptom free process.

So, now I drink lemon water…and do yoga…and I’m starting to take a closer look at my eating habits… Who knows where this better health journey in 2022 will take me?

Stay groovy…


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