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So, I’ve always been a fan of yoga, but I’ve had trouble fitting it into my schedule. I’m not one to practice yoga on my own. I get bored with the same DVDs over and over again. Yet if I try to go to a studio to practice, I have to work within their schedule. And my favorite studio, College Park Yoga, is all the way on the other side of town.

My sister, Tammy, came to the rescue. You see, she’s been telling me about streaming workouts with Beachbody for years. It’s full of thousands of workouts of so many different types. And one of those types happens to be yoga. I’m getting started with a three-week beginner level class. It’s been so long since I’ve practiced yoga, I could use a refresher. After that I have tons of other yoga lessons to choose from. If I decide to change it up, I can stream any number of other kinds of workouts to keep things fresh.

Stef and I just finished a yoga class, and we both feel great! So, what are you doing to work out these days? Share what’s working for you…

Stay groovy…


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