Show and Tell…

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Do you remember Show and Tell? It was that opportunity anywhere from kindergarten to about the second grade in which you brought a special item from home to share with the class. You got up in front of everyone and talked about this item you appreciated, admired, or loved. It could be anything: a favorite teddy bear or a trophy from the t-ball season. But whatever it was, it meant something to be able to show it to the class and tell all about it. For most kids, this is their first introduction to public speaking. Yes, that which causes so many people anxiety as adults could actually be practiced starting as a young child. That is, if they still let us do it. You see, with testing being the emphasis in schools, simple pleasures like Show and Tell have fallen away, and I think that’s sad. If more people had positive experiences standing in front of others and presenting from a young age, public speaking wouldn’t be one of the greatest fears of mankind.

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