Toilet Paper…

toilet paper

How does the virus

outbreak lead to a shortage

of toilet paper?

This is an actual photo taken at the Publix in Melbourne Beach. I was visiting my father yesterday, and I ran a few errands for him. I’d heard about the rush to purchase toilet paper, but I had yet to see it first hand. It’s quite surprising, particularly because there is no, pardon me for saying, diarrhea component to the virus.

Basically, it comes down to panic and the need to do what everyone else does. People in the market see others buying large quantities of toilet paper, and they assume they should be doing the same. Forget independent thought: Just be sheep. Or maybe it’s from propaganda planted in a conspiracy by the toilet paper companies to boost sales. You choose…


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2020 by Susie Krivacic. All rights reserved.)

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