Golden Globe Awards Went Plant Based…

sliced tomato and avocado on white plate
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The 77th annual Golden Globe awards were on Sunday night. Rather than write about the winners or the fashions, I’m going to ponder the decision to go to a plant-based meal this year.

I am not a vegan or a vegetarian, but I support those who are. Many came forward to praise the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) for their decision to serve a vegan meal. Joaquin Phoenix said, “By acknowledging animal agriculture’s role in the degradation of our planet and boldly taking measures to do its part to reduce harm, the HFPA has shown great leadership…”

While I recognize that this is one small step in an effort to help our environmental concerns, I wonder if there is a plan to serve a plant-based menu at the Golden Globes next year as well. After all, this year is simply one meal. What is the goal of the HFPA? Are they truly seeking authentic change, or are they simply leaning toward political correctness? Are they trying to start an important conversation, or is this a publicity stunt?

I am not attempting to start an argument, I merely feel it is something to think about…


Stay groovy…


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