Trippin’ at the Oscars

Trey Parker and Matt Stone So Ethan told me a funny story yesterday after we watched a replay of the latest South Park episode. Apparently at the 2000 Oscars Trey Parker was nominated for the song Blame Canada. Being the constant jokers that they are, Trey Parker and Matt Stone decided to channel their inner JLo and Gweyneth by wearing replicas of previously worn red carpet looks.

But it gets better. Parker and Stone also decided it would be a fun idea to drop some acid before the big event. During the red carpet interviews it was apparent they were under the influence of something, but they smartly decided to respond to all questions about their attire with, “It’s such a beautiful night.”

Ethan showed me video from the event, and it was really funny to watch. The only downside Parker and Stone later shared was that they found themselves coming down from the acid in the middle of the Academy Awards and discovered the event was rather boring.

Unfortunately, Trey Parker did not take home the statue and he and Stone have yet to return to the big event. They weren’t sure if their presence was appreciated. Besides, they find the variety of MTV awards to be far more exciting.


Stay Groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)




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